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Looky - yet another load balancer

This is the home page of the Load Balancer project hosted on Source Forge. On the left side of all pages you find some URLs for page navigation. This site uses DHTML. Netscape 4.xer may have some problems reading this pages.

If you are new to this project, you should probably start reading the [concept] page first. Here you find an overview about basic concepts, a listing of looky components and some flowcharts how these components work together.

If you plan to use in your organization, you should have a look on the [releases] pages. Here you will find a plan how the looky system will be developed and how to you may post feature requests.

Still incomplete is our documentation on the [docs] pages. Please be patient with us, documentation is hard work (even if you are not a native speaker ... )

On our [glossary] page, you find a list of terms used on this pages. Glossary terms are highlighted on each page they are used on.

Last but not least, please have a look on the [credits] page.

Please contribute!

As you probably will get from this text, the author of this pages is not a native english speaker. So all pages found on this site are just intended to be written in english ... :-(

Volunteers to improve this are [welcome]

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