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Release Plan

Table Of Content
1  Version/Release Table
 1.1  Versions and Releases
 1.2  Overview
2  Road Map
 2.1  Version 1.0
  2.1.1  Release 1.0.4
  2.1.2  Release 1.0.5  Fixed Bugs 1.0.5  Implemented Features 1.0.5
  2.1.3  Release 1.0.6  Implemented Features 1.0.6  Fixed Bugs 1.0.6  Missed Features 1.0.6
  2.1.4  Release 1.0.7 (current)
  2.1.5  Release 1.0.8 (work)
  2.1.6  Release 1.0.9 (open)
 2.2  Version 1.1 (planned)

1  Version/Release Table

1.1  Versions and Releases

The project uses the terms 'version' and 'release'.
  • A 'version' is seen as a set of planned features. A version is identified by a major and a minor version number.

  • A 'release' is seen in looky project as a kind of version implementation. A release identifier is constructed from the version id by adding an additional number. A release is found as tar ball on sourcefourge release area (e.g. '1.0.1').

    A release id may have an additional character (e.g. '1.0.1c'). Those postings are still of the same release (here '1.0.1'), but this project needed 3 attempts ('a', 'b' and 'c') to do a proper posting ... :-)

To make this even more complex: Each component and each libary has its own revision id. Because we are not using CVS, this revision id is set manually.

1.2  Overview

Please find below the release table of the project planned on 2003-05-18. A blue row indicates the release we are currently working on.

The table does not provide any libs, only programs are show. For each program the revision id and implementation state ((s)table, (a)lpha, (b)eta) is listed.

1.0.4 1.0.5 1.0.6 1.0.7 1.0.8
server balancer 1.5 (s) 1.6 (s) 1.6a (s) 1.6a (s) 1.6a (s)
controller - 1.1 (s) 1.2 (s) 1.2b (s) 1.3 (s)
observer - - - - -
client balancer CGI 1.2 (s) 1.3 (s) 1.3 (s) 1.3 (s) 1.3 (s)
SQUID - - - - 1.1 (s)
probe - 1.0 (s) 1.1 (s) 1.1 (s) 1.1 (s)
observer - - - - -
web managerbalancer 1.4 (s) 1.5 (s) 1.5 (s) 1.5 (s) 1.5 (s)
controller - (a) 1.0 (s) 1.1 (s) 1.1 (s) 1.2 (s)
observer - - - - -
tools config editor - (a) 1.0 (b) 1.0 (b) 1.0 (b) 1.0 (b)
statisticer - - 1.0 (s) 1.0 (s) 1.0 (s)
killer - - - 1.0 (s) 1.0 (s)
sessioner - - - 1.0 (s) 1.0 (s)

2  Road Map

2.1  Version 1.0

The version 1.0 will cover a 'controlled setup': this is a system with a looky server, a looky controller, their adminitration interfaces a basic looky cgi client and some additional administration tools.

previous releases

2.1.1  Release 1.0.4

This is hopefully the first release we put on sourceforge. It get published with this pages, so if you are reading this on sourceforge, you also find a tar ball with this stuff.

The release provides most of the stuff as described on page [concept].

2.1.2  Release 1.0.5

This release was published on source forge on 20th April 2003.  Fixed Bugs 1.0.5
  • The reply of the 'status' command of looky server was not alwys human readable (forgot to translate some flags)
  • All multiline responses uses now \r\n instead of a single \n.
  • The 'redirect' configuration key had no default value.  Implemented Features 1.0.5
  • looky controller, looky probe client and looky controller manager. Althought not all features are implemented (e.g. online modifications, per pool probe etc.) we have a controlled looky set-up as described in concept.
  • 'flush to disk' : any changes done by web balancer manager may be passed back to looky configuration file (only on demand). This makes any administration changes persistant.
  • 'frame redirect' : instead of a redirect, the looky cgi client returns a frame pages with an embedded resource url.
  • configuration key 'transient.query' provides now a negative list. (this is what was actually needed)

2.1.3  Release 1.0.6

This release was published on source forge on 27th April 2003. Due to a lot of bugs in release 1.0.5, this release is slightly different as previously announced.  Implemented Features 1.0.6
  • 'german interface' : the looky web balancer controller also gets a german interface.
  • improvements of the looky controller, probe and web controller manager :
    • 'long time statistic log': write history data into endless log file for external interpretation and archive.
    • added component looky statisticer to controll statistics from the shell
    • 'per pool probe': enable the system to accept probes that provide load and session data per pool.
  • 'documentation': redirection primer and command line args
  • 'style-sheet': provide an external style sheet
  • 'url-cacheable': the urls used by this release are more cache-able than the urls of previous releases. This speeds up the response time of controller manager
  • 'web manager log': both manager components write log on stderr <=> into Apache's error_log
  • 'status line help': a context help is shown in window's status line if pointer is over command url
  • 'statistic graph': the 'used' and the 'load' history is shown in nice graphics.  Fixed Bugs 1.0.6
  • 'mastering failed': the looky controller did not terminate althought the looky server was already mastered by an other instance.
  • 'individual log': The log parameter 'log.only-bootstrap' was not parsed individually per server; the looky controller also used this parameter. Now we have an own 'controoler.log.only-bootstrap' configuration key for this.
  • 'quiet mode did not work': The quiet did not work for the looky controller. Now this is fixed.
  • 'strange URLs': in some situations we got some strange URLs in popups. This is fixed.
  • 'popup hops screen': The popup editor causes a jump to the top of the window in some 'popular' WEB Browsers. This is fixed.  Missed Features 1.0.6
  • 'installation routine': in 1.0.7
  • 'change characteristic and metric': in 1.0.7
  • 'r-type handling': in 1.0.7
  • 'looky balancer client SQUID': in 1.0.7

2.1.4  Release 1.0.7 (current)

The release 1.0.7 was published on Sourceforge on 4th of may 2003. It (finally :-) provides a WEB based installation routine based on pkg-by-pkg.

Two new tools have been implemented as required by the wild:
  • looky-killer: a stand alone terminator for all kinds of looky servers.

  • looky-sessioner: a stand alone tool to send no of sessions to the looky balancer (to be used in an environement without controller).
In addition to this, a nasty bug was fixed: this release also accepts 'idle' resources ...

Last but not least a very simple rc script is provided to make looky bootable.

2.1.5  Release 1.0.8 (work)

This release finishes the implementation of the looky controller. The release is published somewhere around 20th May 2003. You will get the following features with this release:

  • Some improvements of the looky controller, probe and controller manager :
    • 'change characteristic and metric': allow the controller to change characteristics and metric online.
    • 'r-type handling': allow controller to enter 'r-phase' == have more session if load is low.
  • 'looky balancer client SQUID'

2.1.6  Release 1.0.9 (open)

This release is open for feature requests. Please post feature requests on sourceforge.

2.2  Version 1.1 (planned)

This planned version adds the observer components to the looky system.

Work will start right after Version 1.0 is finished.