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Command Line Options

Table Of Content

1  Standard Options

All components supports a set of standard args. This args are used to setup the process. The following standards args are defined:
  • -v :: print version information

  • -? :: print help information

  • -c <file> :: use file <file> as configuration file instead of default

  • -q :: activate 'quiet' mode: no log is written.

  • -o <file> :: write log to file <file> instead of stderr.

Not all application supports all options: all web interfaces just support one command line option (-v).

command-v-?-c <file>-q-o <file>
LB / looky server xxxxx
LBC / looky balancer client CGI x    
LBC / looky balancer client SQUID x    
LC / looky controller xxxxx
LPC / looky probe client xxxxx
LO / looky observer
LOC / looky observer client
LBM / looky balancer manager x    
LCM / looky controller manager x    
LOM / looky observer manager
LCE / looky configuration editor x    

2  Specific Options

2.1  LPC / Looky Probe Client

The looky probe client supports the following additional command line options:
  • -r <resource> (mandatory) :: probe is set for resource <resource>.

  • -u <used> (mandatory) :: probe has a 'used' value (no of used sessions) of <used>.

  • -l <load> :: probe has a 'load' value of <load>
    If this parameter is not set, the load value is calculated from 'used' value.

  • -i <addr> :: contact looky controller server on <addr>. <addr> may be an ip adress or a dns name with optional ':<port>' suffix.

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