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Looky Statistics

Table Of Content

The looky controller provides an endless log file. This file stores all data produced by looky controller send to looky server.

1  File

1.1  Syntax

The looky statistics are written into a file. Each line of this file contains one decision made by looky controller.

Each line provides 15 variables delimited by a single tabulatar.

pool1 the name of the pool
resource2 the name of the resource
id3 a logical order id. Each record of statistics with same id is assoziated to the same evaluation period of looky controller.
time point4 the time point, when data was written (to looky balancer). The format is 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS' with a single space between date and time.
mode5 is set to '1', if values are estimated. is set to '2', if values are given by probes.
status6 the load status of the resource. May be either 'normal', 'stressed', 'overheated' or 'hyperactive'.
probed load7 the probed load of resource or the estimated load, if no load was set.
load opt8 the optimum load value of this period.
load max9 the maximum load value of this period
probed have10 the probed number of sessionsof the estimated no of sessions, if no value was probed.
have opt11 the optimum number of sessions of this period
have max12 the maximum number of sessions of this period
send used13 the effective used value send to or got from looky server
send have14 the effective have value send to or got from looky server
send ratio15 the ratio value send to looky server

1.2  Example

An example is shown [here].

2  Tool Looky Statisticer

Within release 1.0.6 a simple shell tool called looky-statisticer was shipped in tar ball. This tool may be used to controll statistic files.

2.1  Get Statistic File

If no arguments are given to this tool, the tools provides the name of current statistic file:

$> perl looky-statisticer.pl
statistic file is [/tmp/looky-statistics.log]

2.2  Change Statistic File

Option -f <file> changes the name of the statistic file to <file>

$> perl looky-statisticer.pl -f /tmp/looky-stat
change statistic file from [/tmp/looky-stat.log] 
                      to [/tmp/looky-stat]

2.3  Shift Statistic File

Option -s <suffix> shifts statistic file: current statistic file is atomicly closed, the file is renamed adding suffix <suffix> and finally the statistic file is reopened.

$> perl looky-statisticer.pl -s bak
rename from [/tmp/looky-statistics.log] 
       to [/tmp/looky-statistics.log.bak]
statistic file is [/tmp/looky-statistics.log]

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